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Your international experienced partner in mechanical and plant engineering

Interim Management

Management Consulting

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Technology Consulting

Dr. Schwarz

Our portfolio is divided into the business units Management and Plastics Technology.

In the business unit "Management" the "Dr. Schwarz Management & Technology" supports you operationally and in a consultative capacity:
  • Restructuring / Realignment / Turnaround
  • Fusion / Integration / M&A
  • Process improvements and - developments along the value chain
  • Rapid growth and downsizing
  • Joint Ventures / Outsourcing
  • Management of enterprise-wide and complex processes of change
  • Bridging of vacancies
  • Business Planning / Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Strategies
  • Innovation Management
Since 2007 "Dr. Schwarz Management & Technology "takes over operations in both interim management level, executive management as well as at project manager level.

Our actions can be seen under the aspect of "What your company needs to be
(more) successful ". This perspective includes cost structures, benchmarking, innovation processes, company culture, a perfect marketing / acquisition and the right people. 
Only by taking account of these factors a sustainable success is achievable and can be kept permanently.

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